Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is located on the east side of the Persian Gulf in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates. The emirate isn’t largely populated, with an estimate of a little less than 300,000 residences. The city has over 60 km of clear blue water and white sandy beaches. It has a desert climate with mild rainy winters. RAK is located about 89 km from the Dubai city, at just an hour’s drive away.

RAK’s international culture founded on Arabic values helps maintain complete comfort for the individual. If you’re looking for a new start in a growing city, if you’re looking for peace of mind, if you’re looking for job security and life safety, then Ras Al Khaimah is the one place for you!


Ras Al Khaimah International Airport is the official home of RAK Airways, a national airline established in 2006. This newly established airline travels to nearly 20 destinations, all in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. GCC citizens don’t require a visa to enter the country, however, all other nationalities require a visit, a transit, residency or a tourism visa that can be obtained or directed through embassies, RAK Airways, tourism agencies, or hotel bookings.


Living and getting around the city of RAK is easy and fun. Taxis are ample and are reasonably priced; they can be flagged down at roadsides or booked by phone. There are also several car rental companies in the city who provide a variety of vehicles according to individual interests. There are multiple air conditioned public buses that provide transport from RAK to other emirates. RAK transport authority has worked hard since 2007 to improve their highways connecting RAK with the rest of the emirates.


Education in RAK is continuously growing and developing, and a career in Education is highly appreciated. There are abundant public schools, but private ones weren’t up until the early 2000s. Private schools and universities then started opening up and now have a growing demand from the citizens of the emirate. RAK currently has around ten international higher educational institutes and many private/international schools with different curriculums.


RAK is a tourism hub for all visitors of the UAE. The city’s lovely water and white beaches attract many tourists, both internal and international. There is an abundance of outdoor activities such as sand dunning, desert safaris, desert camps, water surfing, scuba diving, and mountain climbing. Citizens of RAK enjoy all these activities on their weekends, national holidays, or vacations. All this in addition to outings in shopping malls, fun in water parks, and dinning in international restaurants from all over the world!