Muscat is the capital of Sultanate of Oman. It is the largest city and hosts the seat of government for the country. Muscat is located in northeastern Oman with the Gulf of Oman forming the northern and western periphery of the city. Muscat has a hot, arid climate; with hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of rainfall. The city is encircled by beautiful mountains and green landscape. Muscat lies on the Arabian Sea and has access to the strategic Strait of Hormuz; that’s why most of its economy is dominated by domestic and international trade.

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Muscat International Airport, which is just 25 km away from the city’s main business district, is home to Oman Air, the national airline. Oman Air was established in 1993, and started off as a regional player transporting passengers to nearby destinations, but it now flies internationally to more than 50 locations in Asia, Europe and Africa. GCC citizens don’t require a visa to enter the country, however, all other nationalities require a visit, a transit, residency or a tourism visa that can be obtained or directed through embassies, tourism agencies, or hotel bookings.


Muscat is well served by roads that connect most major cities and towns in the whole country. Living in Muscat is not complicated at all. Public transportation is widely available though it doesn’t have rail or metro services. Large public buses are abundant but are limited to major roadways and point-to-point travel routes between Muscat and other major cities in the country. However, another type of buses known as “Baiza” are plentiful, inexpensive and serve all roads in the city, dropping off or picking up passengers at any specified location.


Muscat is home to friendly people who pride themselves for their unique Arabic traditions of hospitality. It has a vibrant economy, a world-class infrastructure, and a modern lifestyle that help make it one of the perfect places to live and work in. Employees in Muscat are mostly Arabs, yet there are a lot of nationalities that make up the general workforce. If you are planning to shift to Muscat, there are a huge number of teaching vacancies in Oman. The city’s atmosphere is welcoming, authentic, warm, original, and safe. Put simply, it is everything anyone would wish for.


Muscat offers a bunch of activities and experiences that can be done in sync with nature or through discovery of culture. The city is very well known for its mountains, so mountain climbing, bird watching, reserves, valleys, water springs, canyons, caves, and rock parks are some of the major entertainment sectors that mesmerize its visitors and citizens on weekends, holidays, or vacations. Desert activities, such as safaris and camping, are also widely admired and frequently done. The city also holds some authentic villages, traditional souks, and beautiful museums that help make Muscat a more beautiful and original place to both live and have fun in.