With an unlimited combination of desert, sea, grassland and forest, Africa is the perfect place to go for those who are looking for adventure while working abroad.

As the second largest continent in the world, it has constant teaching job vacancies for teachers in Africa. The continent also offers vast and diverse experiences, in the rich culture and traditions which is differs from one country to the next. Religious, harvest and musical celebrations happening throughout the year.

There are many benefits for working in Africa, apart from making your experience different, showing your ability to accept new challenges on your resume/CV and the most important to live and understand the people. Teachers who are open and willing to adjust will settle in fast.

Licensed teachers working in International schools in Africa would receive flight tickets, accommodation, medical cover and occasionally a tax-free salary as well! The schools provide secured accommodation and safe transport for teachers to commute easily. As the cost of living is low teachers save most of their salary.

Choosing to live in a different and unusual routine in Africa is truly a courageous journey so if you’re thinking of working in Africa where the climate both humbles and enriches you and you encounter a variety of people.

African art and craft, dress and food this teaching experience will be life enriching.

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